These Ghosts

by Joe Fraley

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released November 23, 2015

Joe Fraley - Vocals, Guitars
Matt Brown - Guitars, Keys
Julian Jacob Heinemann - Drums, Percussion
Ferdinand Hummerl - Bass
Anika Reichert - Vocals (track 1 & 2)
Kenny Wood - Trumpet (track 1 & 2)
Brock Flores - Guitars (track 2)

Music and Lyrics by
Joe Fraley

Produced by
Joe Fraley & Matt Brown

Mixed and Engineered by
Matt Brown

Mastered by
Levi Seitz

Recorded at
Big House Studios



all rights reserved


Joe Fraley Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Final Call
I dreamt I was with you inside of your room
I long to smell that skin and that perfume
And I know that I am best alone
To charm these ghosts inside of my home
But I'll sing to you again
In my dreams that won't end

And I know that I felt safe when I was with you
But I felt apart of Satan in me too
And I don't know how to fix this hole
I've dug deep down inside of my soul
But I'll laugh with you again
In my dreams that won't end

And I'd give you my love
And my happiness
If that could make you smile
You'd be my best friend
For my whole life
Or maybe just for awhile
And this is my final call to you now
Lets hope one day
We'll find it somehow
Track Name: Thank You
I'll always take care of you
Till the day you die
And even still after
I will kiss your eyes
And you know I will love
Yeah, that's no surprise
You know if I hugged you
It would be alright

Thank you
For those eyes
Thank you
For those thighs


I'll punch you and I'll stab you
Poke you in the eye
And then I'll take care of you
Give you a big surprise
But you know I do love you
Deep down inside
And you know I would fuck you
Till the end of time

Thank you
For giving me all of your love
Thank you
For giving me all of your heart
I love you
I swear on my life I still do, and....

I'm sitting here wasting away on my throne
Why can't you be with me? We're both alone
By God or by fear we go
It won't help us though
Track Name: So Tired
I'm so tired
I'm so tired, but I'm up now
Cause you're right here
Inside my soul
How do you do this to me?

I'm so fired
I'm so fired up now
Cause you're right there
There in my bones
Oh how do you do this to me?

I'm so tied
I'm so tied up now
Cause you're not here
And I'm on my own
But I'll just be singing this to you

I'm feeling so happy
I finally feel like I've got no one to fight
God's telling me I'm alright
And I don't have to worry anymore
Now I'm gonna save the day

I'm so tired
I'm so tired but I'm up now
And you're not here
And I miss that soul
But I'll just keep singing this to you, now

I need you now
not another
Fade it now
I need you now